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For quick browsing of recent additions to the store, you can check out all of these titles mentioned below in the New Arrivals and Recent Restocks sections!
Hello everyone! We slowed it down the past month or so on the webstore front so we all could spend some time outdoors and enjoy that nice springtime weather - but as it starts to get hot as hell heading into summer, no better place to be than indoors with some blasting AC and listening to records! Expect things to ramp back up over here shortly as we get a bit more active with the distro and online store. In the meantime, there have been a few choice releases and reissues that have come in over the past month or so since the last update, so be sure to check em out below!
First off, a friendly reminder that the new Destruct Cries the Mocking Mother Nature LP is officially out now and hitting all of your favorite stores and distros. First pressing has been flying pretty fast out the door, but we still have a few copies here so make sure you grab one! Destruct will be heading to the UK next week, so any of our friends over there be sure to check them out! They will also be doing a few fests this summer, including Something to Talk About in Philly, Skull Fest in Pittsburgh, and Lie Detector in Los Angeles.
With that said, here is a quick recap of recent webstore additions -
First off, THREE smoking new releases from our friends at 11PM Records - we've got the debut 7"s from Grand SchemeShitty Life, and Subliminal Excess; three solid hcpunk bands that deserve your attention from a label that releases nothing but 100% quality hardcore; two new tapes from Toronto's one and only S.H.I.T., including a brand new 2023 demo tape and a live "bootleg" tape from when the band played Athens, Greece in 2020; just got a restock of the blazing 7" EP From NY's People's Temple - first batch of these sold out right before our April update dropped, so now I get to remind you that this 7" is an essential release for 2023 - will definitely be in my top 10 of 2023 so be sure to at least hit their bandcamp and give it a solid listen! In addition to the People's Temple EP, we also grabbed a nice haul of new stuff from Roachleg Records including the LP from Australia's 3D & the Holograms, a repress of the Poison Ruin 7" that came out last year, and new tapes from M.O.A.BGuillotine, and Demon.
On the reissue / fanclub front - we have a nice grip of LP reissues from 80s LA punk legends The Brat that just dropped on Radiation Records, along with reissues from Teenage Jesus and the Jerks and the 1980 debut from Lydia Lunch. For you japanese HC fans, we were able to score a few copies of the singles collection LP from Warhead; and for you Finnish punk freaks, a brand new reissue from the legends Kaaos courtesy of the Bunker Punx themselves, that features a couple of live sets from the band's earliest incarnation, and has a slew of tracks you may not have heard unless you are serious tapehead. a couple of rad fanclub LPs from Bad Brains (demos and early tracks collection) and Jerry's Kids (their classic Is This My World? LP with the full Boston Not LA session on the B-Side), some new live LPs from Siouxsie and the Banshees and The Sisters of Mercy, and a couple of cool demo collections from The Offspring and Rage Against the Machine that were too cool to pass up!
Finally for you fanzine enthusiasts, we got several boxes of phenomenal anthology books from our pals at Shining Life Press! New titles include the Bullshit Monthly anthology and the Positive Influence anthology, plus restocks on the HardwareContentionIn Effect, and Chunks zines collections. I would recommend buying every one of these! Oh, and we finally were able to get our hands on a few more of the Zounds Demystified book, so scoop that one up as well if you haven't yet!
That's all for now, thanks for reading!
Alex / Grave Mistake Records
New Titles in the Webstore for 05.19.23:

GRAND SCHEME "Numbers Game" 7" (11PM Records)
Generations in hardcore move quickly. The scene changes constantly, and yet there is always a group of bands uninterested in the current trends. Some people just want to write aggressive underground music and bring people together. Call it what you want — old school, meat and potatoes, or, most recently, democore — Grand Scheme, a punk hardcore band from the DMV, are that band for this generation. They’ve done everything you need to do, like release tapes and go on tour, and nothing you don’t, like collect corporate sponsorships or beg for your attention. Their new 7”, Numbers Game, is being released by 11 PM Records and features eight unifying songs and that’s it.

SHITTY LIFE "Limits to Growth" 7" (11PM Records)
Blazing fast, Chitarrino-Punk from Parma, Italy. If you enjoy Shitty Limits, Youth Avoiders, or Social Cirkle, you will love this new record. You might have seen them on tour recently in the US with Judy and the Jerks, Feral + others, or you may have been paying attention to the band since their inception in 2017. Either way, they continue to push punk forward in Italy and worldwide.

SUBLIMINAL EXCESS "Witness" 7" (11PM Records)
From the depths of Lower Wacker...its the return of Subliminal Excess. With a demo that ushered in the cold reality of 2020, they are keeping that same energy with Witness. With the speed and production of hardcore punk but also combined with NYHC aesthetics creates a sound that is reminiscent of RIVAL MOB but lo-fi like their compatriots in SNIPER CULTURE (RIP). This record is truly dedicated to the city of chicago, and you can hear it from the beat of WITNESS.

S.H.I.T. "Demo 2023" Tape (Demo)
Haunted / Imminent Destruction are the first new S.H.I.T. tracks since the world ended in 2020. Along with the two new tracks, the tape also includes S.H.I.T.'s unique take on Crucifix's 'Annihilation' & Blitz's 'Never Surrender.' Originally only available at Shitmas in 2022, the two new tracks find the band plunging further into the depths of chaotic simplicity once again. Like a jackhammer to the skull or being trapped inside a controlled demolition. Recorded at the Concrete Smile with Matthew Tomasi, Dec 2022.

S.H.I.T. "Live in Athens" Tape (Demo)
From S.H.I.T.'s performance at IDRIMA 2.14, Athens, Greece on March 4th, 2020 - before the Pandemic. IDRIMA 2.14 was created in 2014 in Athens, in order to organize independent and self-organized concerts, for greek as well as for foreign bands. Our purpose is not to earn money, but to provide an extra ground for this kind of events in Athens. We believe that D.I.Y is politics, and that the nature, the directness and the feeling of DIY events are of the most human expressions in today's estranged societies. This is what describes us and keeps us going. Anti-Fascism, Anti-Sexism, Solidarity

PEOPLE'S TEMPLE "I'm With the People's Temple" 7" (Roachleg Records)

BRAT, THE "Attitudes" LP" (Radiation Records)
Innovative East LA Chicano punk rockers THE BRAT formed in l978 when lead guitarist Rudy Medina and his guitarist nephew Sidney met singer-songwriter Teresa Covarrubias. Together they began penning songs that addressed social inequalities while fusing hardcore sounds with reggae undercurrents and a hint of girl group pop. A gig at the Vex in l98O put them in the orbit of Los Illegals and The Plugz, whose frontman Tito Larriva produced their debut EP ATTITUDES, making it the first release on his own Fatima Recordz label. A killer set from start to finish, this fully authorized limited edition remastered reissue comes with rare bonus tracks and a printed inner sleeve. Essential!

3D & THE HOLOGRAMS "S/T" LP (Roachleg Records)
Insanity at 45rpm. Freak punk from down undah from the minds that brought us research reactor corp., tee vee repairmann, etc. With tracks like "zero brain cells" & "asshole hotline", you know this appeals to the lowest common denominator. Comes with a 30" x 22" newsprint poster

POISON RUIN "Not Today, Not Tomorrow" 7" (Roachleg Records)
Philadelphia's Poison Ruin combine classic anarcho-punk with dungeon synth, post punk and NWOBHM influences and uses dark medieval images, lyrical themes and symbolism fused with anarcho-punk iconography, which resulted in a specific grim sound, filled with pessimistic melodies and hard hitting hardcore energy with some serious singalong tendency. Imagine something in the vein of punk lo-fi anxiety built by Wipers or cave-dweling post-punk gloom of early The Mob combined with the Crass Records sound, while everything is occasionally intertwined with energetic guitars evoking the new wave of British heavy metal and, at the same time, call for fists in the air while pogoing in the middle of a sweaty crowd. You can call Poison Ruïn's huge sound anarcho-punk goth stomp or peace punk in chainmail and both would work in favor of their ambitious, booming and exciting sound, riddled with catchy hooks and creative writing process.

WARHEAD "Never Give Up" LP (Insane Society Records)
Warhead come from the former capital of the Empire, Kyoto, and there's no doubt they're among the top classic hardcore bands from the Land of the Rising Sun. Insane Society now releases the most important of their 1991-2004 work on one LP wrapped in a cover by well-known Japcore artist Sugi – 22 songs from their out-of-print and hard-to-find 7, split and compilation releases, boasting remastered sound (as heard on a CD previously released by Blood Sucker Records). The first song, "Cry of Truth", is a solid punch in the face right off and this maelstrom of the most frantic hardcore punk won't let you go until the needle has come to the last groove of the record. Maniac vocals mixed with massive sung-along refrains, guitars in the red, roaring bass, rabid drumming and cymbals sounding like a whiplash – all this makes for an incredibly loud and energetic mix, supported by lyrics full of defiance and desire to never conform and to never give up!" -Phil Hell

KAAOS "Tuhlattu Elämä" LP (Makitie 8 Records)
Real noise pollution for people. That's how KAAOS described themselves from the very beginning and that is exactly how this official live 12" sounds! KAAOS played their second gig ever in 1981, just a few months before they hit the studio to record their 7" split with CADGERS. The early line-up still had two guitarists, Jakke and Pena, while Kake was on vocals, Timpa on drums, and Banaani on bass. This was the first KAAOS performance ever caught on tape. Aside from being the earliest live recording of KAAOS, this LP features many tracks that were never recorded in a studio and haven't been heard publicly again. The gig consisted of two sets, both on their own respective sides - totaling 14 incredibly fast and frenetic tracks. Recorded by Matti Saarinen (Kaaos Korporaatio), mastered by Jari Mikkola (Aivoproteesi), front sleeve by Jeferson Pizoni. Issued with a 16-page SUBCULTURE #4 zine including KAAOS photos and interviews.

BAD BRAINS "Demo and Rare Tracks 1979-1983" LP (Waste Management Records)
Speed of lightning, roar of thunder, Bad Brains were D.C. superheroes who transformed hardcore punk, shattering expectations and limitations. A collection of demos, rare tracks and the ROIR session, 1979-1983.

JERRY'S KIDS "Is this My World / Boston Not LA Full Session" LP (Santa Records)
Fanclub pressing - brings you an essential early 80s Boston hcpunk classic, with the full Boston Not LA session tacked on the B-side. "The Jerry's Kids tracks on This Is Boston Not LA are pretty much the epitome of hardcore punk for me, so i was excited when i heard about this lost 7". Here we have 13 tracks from the 1982 sessions. Some of the tracks here like Straight Jacket and Uncontrollable are the same versions as on This Is Boston Not LA. Others, like Wired and Pressure are from the same sessions, but are different takes. And of course a bunch of this stuff was never released."

RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE "Demo 1991" 2xLP (Fanclub Pressing)
The band's demo tape was released in December 1991, ahead of their first live show. Here are the revised demo versions of the songs, plus there are 3 tracks not yet released in this version.

OFFSPRING, THE "Demos 1986-1988" LP (Fanclub Pressing)
Features tracks from THE OFFSPRING's "Subject to Blackout" Demo from 1986, and "Tehran" Demo from 1988.

TEENAGE JESUS & THE JERKS "S/T" LP (Pink Vinyl) (Radiation Records)
During the late 1970s, after No Wave pioneer Lydia Lunch met saxophonist James Chance, she began setting her angry and disjointed poetry to anti-music, founding her ground-breaking band Teenage Jesus and The Jerks with Lunch’s shouted lyrics matched by her non-conventional use of electric guitar. The group’s self-titled debut EP is a fast and furious affair, produced by Robert Quine of the Voidoids/Lou Reed, with future Nick Cave drummer Jim Sclavunos on bass and Bradley Field on minimalist percussion; steeped in aggression and audacity, it’s an awesome disc that rebuffs punk’s easy cliches and refuses to be categorized. This reissue also includes the ‘Pre’ EP and the tracks from the legendary No New York compilation. Essential!

LYDIA LUNCH "Queen of Siam" LP (Red Vinyl) (Radiation Records)
After the demise of Teenage Jesus and the Jerks, Lydia Lunch launched her solo career with Queen Of Siam, arguably her greatest LP. In true No Wave style, the album is a mishmash of irritants, but her palette is far broader here, lurching from slow dirges, excessive feminist exhortations, and raucous personal purges to a touch of disco and lounge music exoticism, as conjured by Voidoids/Lou Reed guitarist Robert Quine, Contortions bassist Jack Ruby, and John Cale’s drummer, Douglas Browne. Spirited, surprisingly broad and defiantly dissonant, Queen Of Siam’s dense layers were designed to provoke and inflame; listen closely to fully decode."

POSITIVE INFLUENCE FANZINE Anthology Book (Shining Life Press)
Positive Influence was a hardcore fanzine done by Anji Lum and Buster Cates from San Pedro, CA that existed from 1988-1989. This anthology collects all six issues along with a new 21 page introduction featuring never before seen photo's, flyers, stories, ephemera, etc. You know the deal - every page of the original zines and then some. 144 pages ANSI Letter 8.5" X 11"

BULLSHIT MONTHLY FANZINE Anthology Book (Shining Life Press)
Bullshit Monthly was a fanzine that chronicled the New York Hardcore scene from 1984 through 1991. Beyond interviews and record reviews, every bit of news that could be written down was crammed into its pages, mostly hand written with grainy photos, and sold at hardcore shows for 25–50 cents. With this collection, gathering all of the issues together for the first time, your depth of knowledge and understanding about what was really going on in the 1980’s New York Hardcore scene will dramatically deepen. Also includes a bonus section full of unreleased content along with issues #26-30 from 2013. 260 pages, color cover / black and white interior Perfect bound 8.5” x 14.0”

DAMAGED BRAIN Zine Issue #1 (Zine)
Featuring interviews with Not for the Weak Records and Jim Shomo from Dark Thoughts / Delco MFs.

DANZIG "Not of This World" LP (Flashback World Productions)
A collection of live tracks taken from several gigs all from 1989.

EXPLOITED, THE "Totally Exploited" LP (Radiation Records)
Classic 1984 collection of your favorite Exploited tracks. 20 tracks total - lots of hits.

SIOUXSIE AND THE BANSHEES "From the Cradle Bars: Live in Holland 7/7/81 - FM Broadcast" LP (Color Vinyl) (Dear Boss Records)
Siouxsie And The Banshees, live at De Nieuwe Kade, Tiel, The Netherlands 1981. Great concert from the JuJu era (1981). The European tour began on June 14th, 1981 in Brussels, and ran to the end of the summer before the group flew to North America for dates throughout October and November. This Dutch concert features live versions of tracks that appear on JuJu, only missing "Into The Light" and "Monitor". A superb recording.

SISTERS OF MERCY "Acid on the Floor: Live in Holland, 6/2/84 - FM Broadcast" LP (Dear Boss Records)
An astonishing 1984 live set from Andrew Eldritch and his gang, Sisters Of Mercy. right before the release of their undisputed '85 masterpiece First And Last And Always.
DEMON "Demonstration" Tape (Roachleg Records)

M.O.A.B. "Massive Ordinance Air Blast" Tape (Roachleg Records)

GUILLOTINE Demo Tape (Roachleg Records)

Restocks for May 19, 2023:

"Zounds Demystified" Book
AMDI PETERSENS ARME "Blod Ser Mere Virkeligt Ud Pa Film" 7"
BLITZ "The Killing Dream" LP (Color Vinyl)
BLITZ "Voice of a Generation" LP (Color Vinyl)
BROKEN BONES "A Single Decade" LP
CHAOS UK "Just Mere Slaves" LP
DISCHARGE "Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing" LP
DISFEAR "Brutal Sight of War" LP
DISFEAR "Soul Scars" LP
FINAL CONFLICT "In the Family" 7"
LEGAL WEAPON "Death of Innocence" LP (Color Vinyl)
NAPALM DEATH "Demos 1985-1986" LP (White Vinyl)
PEOPLE'S TEMPLE "I'm With the People's Temple" 7"
RIISTETYT "Tuomiopaiva" 7"
SAMHAIN "Final Descent" LP (Orange Vinyl)
SOCIAL DISTORTION "Poshboy's Little Monsters" LP
STATE "No Illusions" 7"
SUICIDAL TENDENCIES "1982 Demos" LP (Orange Vinyl)
TOZIBABE "Ekreg Meme Ljudjie" LP
VARUKERS "I Don't Wanna Be A Victim" 7"
VARUKERS "Led to the Slaughter" 7"
VARUKERS "Massacred Millions" 7"
VARUKERS "No Hope of A Future" 7"
VARUKERS "Protest and Survive" 7"
WILLFUL NEGLECT "Both 12"s on an LP" LP

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