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RED DELICIOUS "Bad Apple" Tape
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RED DELICIOUS "Bad Apple" Tape

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For the first time in a while, ya boy's back on bass on the Red Delicious CS. Described as everything from “UK pogo beat” to “disciplined in Portuguese” (whatever the great high hell that means), show promoters have clamored for the chance to misinterpret the D since we started some months ago. With respect to the former, we do get a little bouncy thanks to Anna's primal genius behind the kit, but between Hayley's knack for writing degenerate riffs thick & filthy with Clevo muck and Sarah, gruff and mean with the best of them, finding interesting ways to play off the music that lesser front-person would balk at, Red D really just boils down to some nasty ass punk. Me, I'm just along for the ride, and thankful for it!