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ANXIETY "Wild Life" 7"
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ANXIETY "Wild Life" 7"

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4 Track EP Wild Life was recorded in the aftermath of Anxietyǃˆ_—_•s debut self-titled release and is sharper but messier, more dystopian, bloodier and more viscous. Here Anxiety draw more on an industrialised take on Crass Records back cat and falling-apart HC, continuing the abstract moroseness that defined their debut. Recorded again with How To Make Sushi, Wild Life is drowned in distortion and short delay, cut out alive from a drain in the poorest, dirtiest bathrooms of short term tenancy Glasgow. Driven by all-consuming bass riffs, the guitars are obliterated by distortion, the vocals off the hook, one-take, warts and burps. The snare a morse code reminding you youǃˆ_—_•ve nowhere to go. How come the songs are so short? The songs are about animals, about never having anything, about being too wrong all the time. Because youǃˆ_—_•re not worth it. Wild Life comes housed in a wraparound sleeve designed between Sebastian Rivera and Kay Logan. Comes with lyric insert and download code.