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BRUTAL KNIGHTS "Blown 2 Completion" LP
Deranged Records

BRUTAL KNIGHTS "Blown 2 Completion" LP

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The fifth and final BRUTAL KNIGHTS 12", BLOWN 2 COMPLETION delivers their fastest and possibly their most retarded album to date. As with previous records, the influences at play involve a mix bag of stupidity, juvenile humor, bad television, terrible food, imbalanced hormones, and believe it or not, some great hardcore punk. Most of the tracks on here are scorching fast hardcore with two mid-tempo stompers which are undoubtedly the result of a series of shows with Negative Approach. If you were a fan of their previous releases, blown 2 completion will not disappoint, it's their fastest and best record. If you didn't get the humor or cared for what they were doing before, good luck with this one!