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AMOS PITSCH "Lake Effect" LP
Forward Records

AMOS PITSCH "Lake Effect" LP

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It's no surprise then, that Lake Effect, Amos Pitsch's debut solo album, was designed as a sort of conceptual seasonal album. Conceptual in that it deals with the cold facts of life in a similar manner to most of Pitsch's prior output, but especially that it deals with the feelings and the psyche of the victims of Midwestern American winter; the ups and downs- the nostalgia, the beauty, the depression, the bitter cold. Tracks like 'The Boot and The Hoof' and 'Three Plus Six' reveal the myth of Santa Claus crashing down in a child's mind. 'Where Are You Now', 'Lake of The Old Northeast', and the title track tell stories of seasonal depression, loneliness, isolation, and wistfulness. 'It's X-Mas (Today)' and 'Snow Day' paint scenes of beauty and nostalgia; Americana at its core you could say- like Norman Rockwell's great lost portrait of the frozen tundra. Pitsch knows the beauty and the isolation all too well- being a lifetime resident of the Fox River Valley- a geographical region vulnerable to brutal sub -zero winters, and rich with iconic rural midwestern imagery as well as small dusty towns acting as time pieces for decades gone by. The supper clubs, the patch-work farmland, the snow plows, ice shanties and road salt are in his blood.