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VANITY "Evening Reception" LP
Beach Impediment Records

VANITY "Evening Reception" LP

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A lost episode of Fawlty Towers set in the present day astride a shoddy sofa in a den in Brooklyn: Instead of not ‚Äö_Ñ__mentioning the war‚Äö_Ñ__ the challenge is to swim through this LP without uttering or even entertaining the tiniest sniff of dearest Nanker Phelge. This proves far more rewarding than throwing a knee-jerk ticker tape parade for the open-tuned greyzone murk of Guitar-Centre blues musicians everywhere and frankly, that would be a lazy disservice to what you're about to hear. Rising up instead, we have the grandiose and pampositical return of the perfectly named, Vanity. Yes that‚Äö_Ñ_¥s a compliment, no it's not a real word. Energetic punk consomm‚àö¬© indebted to rock and roll but coming across less like the deliberate broken chains of Vans slip ons and Target 501s swapped for sequins, strides, and scarves - but more like an effort forged in Billy Zoom‚Äö_Ñ_¥s living room on Warren Zevon‚Äö_Ñ_¥s gear as played by the Saints‚Äö_Ñ_¥ roadies in a bar that serves really, really, really cold beer. Coincidentally, I would endorse that as a suggested serving. Take a long hard look in the mirror, slyly lit so your cheekbones pop, and preen yourself ‚Äö_Ñ_¥til your skin peels off. -Jonah Falco, 2018