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DESTRUCT "Echoes of Life" LP
Grave Mistake Records

DESTRUCT "Echoes of Life" LP


Destruct deliver an absolute crusher of a debut LP following a couple recent, well-regarded demos. The sound is one that you know and are familiar with; Stoke-on-Trent, Scandanavia, and Japan, but it has been executed to its absolute maximum and captured with a clear and powerful recording. Huge, catchy riffs. Exacting rhythm. Howls of defeat, agony and pain.Taking a time-honored formula, they have lent their hand to making an album that has again breathed new life into the genre. “Echoes of Life” is a testament to the power of paying respects to a classic sound while simultaneously pushing it forward to today. It’s the sound of an enormous door closing in the depths of hell. Ten-million tons of TNT dropped on your head.


RED VINYL Ltd. to 100 copies (SOLD OUT)

BLACK VINYL - 400 copies.

All orders come with a 23"x34" newsprint promo poster and stickers while they last