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ANDROIDS OF MU "Blood Robots" LP
Water Wing Records

ANDROIDS OF MU "Blood Robots" LP


The Androids Of Mu were a noisy all-girl early post-punk band that emerged from London, UK, in 1979, alongside the likes of The Slits and The Raincoats.Legend has it they had been androidised by Atlantean scientists, and sent forward to us by the Timelords of the ancient Utopian Civilisation of Mu, programmed with messages to help us avoid our own self-destruction, following the northern galactic alignment of 2012.They crash-landed early, all over Europe, in the mid-1970's, and met up in the wild squatter-lands of west London. Suze the Blooz, Corrina, Cozmic and Bess became immersed in the local counter-culture. They grounded themselves in psychedelic synthesizer and guitar music, playing with Planet Gong and Here & Now, and musicians from Hawkwind. When they finally got hold of a cheap synth and a noisy guitar of their own, they used them, at full volume, with fat bass and bouncing drums, to record an album expressing the remembered fragments of the Mu-an messages - in the form of their new, colourful and zazzy reflections of life, from under the long dark shadow of puppet Thatcher's Corporate New Britain. Recorded at lo-fi cult studio Street Level in 1979, this was their only ever album, and they have purposely had it suppressed until now. Because now - it is foretold.. Now, cruel world, it is time for you to receive it.. (The 2013 release has been carefully remastered from the original tapes. It contains large insert with early photos and complete songwords).