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BAD BRAINS "Live '79 Soundboard" LP
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BAD BRAINS "Live '79 Soundboard" LP


18 Track BAD BRAINS Live 1979 Soundboard - name says it all! TRACKLIST: 1 Don't Need It 2 At the Atlantis 3 Pay to Cum 4 Supertouch / Shitfit 6 The Regulator 7 Why'd You Have to Go 8 Don't Bother Me 9 Success 10 Banned in D.C. 11 Big Takeover 12 Stay Close to Me 13 Attitude 14 Happy Birthday Earl 15 You're a Migraine 16 Just Another Damn Song 17 The Man Won't Annoy You 18 Redbone in the City 19 I

*Disclaimer - the audio on this is NOT the best, so please do not purchase expecting a slick recording (as the title may lead you to believe). It sounds more like you are listening to a cassette tape live set, it does have a few audio issues that appear to be from defects in the tape master it was taken from, so while i agree the title is a little misleading, i assure you that it's quite an enjoyable release for Bad Brains fans and those into releases of this sort (not to mention the art is pretty cool).