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WRETCHED "Libero E Selvaggio" (Singles Collection) LP
Agipunk Records

WRETCHED "Libero E Selvaggio" (Singles Collection) LP


To celebrate their release number 100, Agipunk has reissued the first and only Wretched singles collection, approved by the ex members of the band. Forget all the bad sounding bootlegs and all the cheap quality products that have been released so far, this one's a real blast! The collection includes the split 7" with Indigesti, the "In Nome Del Loro Potere" 7" EP, the "Finirà Mai" 7" EP and the "In Controluce" single 7". The songs sound better than ever, as the original records and tapes have been remastered for delivering a new vibe of destructive CHAOS NON MUSICA!!! The record is pressed in 1000 copies and comes in a nice gatefold cover with tons of never seen pictures of the band playing, traveling, demonstrating and having fun.