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NEON "Neon is Life" Tape

NEON "Neon is Life" Tape


NEON is Chelsey, Grace, Marissa, and Rosie. Four cool and beautiful women plotting their revenge. Hand-painted and hand-stamped covers with pro-dubbed tapes. "Everything you could possibly want in punk music. If not, interrogate the integrity of your desires. NEON is a four-piece medium translating the universal howling female shitstorm alive and kicking within us all. Do you seek adventure? Justification for further recorded sound from a guitar? For those bored to tears by predictable rock'n'roll formula and pseudo-punk box-ticking, predictable posturing, NEON is a psychedelic diamond in the barren toxic rough. Yes, Virginia, there really are freaks still residing in a California. 100% proof adult women must escalate the full takeover of all aspects of punk everything. Neon will make you radiant and happy, probably more desirable." — Katie Alice Greer, July 2017