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SVAVELDIOXID "Dodsogonblick" LP
Konton Crasher Records

SVAVELDIOXID "Dodsogonblick" LP


"Second full-length from this bruising Swedish hardcore punk band. If you like Swedish crust from the 80s (early Totalitär, Anti-Cimex, Crude SS, etc.) right on through to the 90s (Skitsystem, Wolfpack, etc.) Svaveldioxid are the band for you. With bruising beats, straightforward Cimex / Totalitär-style riffs, and crunchy, metallic production, they are the best of both worlds. Dödsögonblick is a perfectly executed LP of classic Swedish kängpunk, with slight shifts in tempo and complexity to keep you bobbing your head the whole way through. Svaveldioxid are far from reinventing the wheel, but even if it rates low on the originality scale, this is still a crusher. - sorry state records