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U.N.I.T. "What's It All For?" LP
Torn Light Records

U.N.I.T. "What's It All For?" LP


“Hailing from San Antonio and Houston, Texas- The U.N.I.T. return with their kick to the teeth 12” record, “What’s It All For?”. After nearly 3 years since their last release (Demo II), multiple shows and tours, they have arrived at their loudest and most steely statement yet. Years in the making has brought us to this existential grip of dense, impulsive and unbending brevity chopped into catchy hooks and 86 mentality-like stomp proportions that leave you no time to breathe. It’s a dust devil, it’s lunacy, it’s an array of no bullshit and straight to brass tacks style hardcore leaving you no anticipation- just the clasp of maniacal waves that it throws at you. The statement of these songs is delivered with absolute urgency. Pat’s voice is sheer on top of pummeling riffs that are relentless through and through. Unhinged hardcore in a time of six’s and sevens is exactly what we need. Texas hardcore delivers and graces us once again.” - Monty C