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"Raising Hell Zine - Omnibus: 1982-1990" Book
Amorphous Pieces

"Raising Hell Zine - Omnibus: 1982-1990" Book


The glory days of tape trading, letter writing, and classified ads came about due to the explosion of punk and HC across the globe. In the UK a network of zines covering this exciting era also exploded, and few were more integral than Raising Hell. First published in 1983 by editor Ben Cooper and running into the 1990s, Raising Hell sat in a unique position as a zine which covered the cresting of UK82 and anarcho punk, through UKHC and the emergence of the truly global network of friends. With a hand made aesthetic and DIY righteousness, Raising Hell featured all the best in its pages from the UK and beyond including Anti-System, AOA, BGK, Chaos UK, Cheetah Chrome Motherfuckers, Crucifix, Deviated Instinct, Disorder, Flux of Pink Indians, Instigators, Negazione, Oi Polloi, Skeptix, Wretched and countless others. This book compiles the best of all 22 issues across 500 pages. Published by Amorphous Press, and includes a free poster. Dozens of scene report, articles, and thousands of record, tape and zine reviews.