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Bug is the third and final pearl in the string of albums released by the original formation of Dinosaur Jr. The music here shows the band moving into ever more orderly realms of composition and structure, even as anecdotal evidence suggests that they were coming apart at their physical seams. It was in this time that people truly began to appreciate the power of the songs that had always lurked inside the band's sonic cataclysm. Live shows of the period were incredible. They harnessed a very special kind of aggression like no one els,e and the emotional turmoil inside the band frequently erupted into something cathartic and Brobdingnagian. There might be true havoc on stage, now and then, as J and Lou's antipathy towards each other increased, but more often this negative gush was channeled into an orgy of magnificent meat music. The trio's roar Ð one that had initially seemed impossible to contain or control Ñ began to assume a comprehendible shape in front of an audience that was familiar with the material (from the records) and attuned to its details. Their songs were complex in a way that seemed both simple and intuitive, their lyrics were sad and reflective without appearing obnoxiously introspective. These were graspable creative tenets, so it made sense that they would be aped. And aped they were. The band's profile on the American scene was growing exponentially at the same time. This had been something in the making for a while, but their popularity was blown wide open by Bug, and its accompanying single, "Freak Scene" Ñ a classic slab by any known yardstick.