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Toxic State Records



While there are a plethora of bands in NYC that make it so very easy to just attach oneself to (through either their approachable personalities or catchy tunes), there are almost as many that make it just as difficult. Then, to take things to a whole new level of distaste, there's Hank Wood & the Hammerheads. No other NYC band commands such vitriol outside of the city (not in NYC, though, since no one in the city seems to have anything resembling ideals if it compromises their cool points) due to some less-than-tasteful antics and attitude, and no other band revels in it more. As such, it (barely) pains me to admit that this is ranks just behind the new Dawn Of Humans 7 as the best record out of the new batch of Toxic State records and, frankly, is one of the best NYC punk records to come out in a LONG time. After some unimpressive comp tracks, a fun and solid 7", the band has put forth its definitive statement with Go Home. It's weird, it's raucous, it's dirty, it's extremely catchy. The vocals are less cartoony than they were on the 7", spouting off "superior" lyrics of hatred and self-deprecation, all with an appropriate amount of grime. The music backing these vocals is loaded with pop sensibilities. Dual percussion, frenetic bass, and even tasteful and awesome keyboard playing. The element that truly lifts things over the edge, though, is the guitar playing; the guitar lines and riffs on this record are some of the best you will hear all year. I can't level enough praise in Go Home's direction, but I will also say that, at its best, the band resembles Kill From The Heart-era Dicks." -

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