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THE LADIES "Blow Your Mind" Discography Tape
Grave Mistake Records

THE LADIES "Blow Your Mind" Discography Tape


Cassette discography from one of Richmond's greatest and most notorious punk bands, THE LADIES.  This tape only release compiles all 18 tracks of THE LADIES' studio recordings; four EP's worth of material consisting of their debut EP on Riff Raff Records (later repressed on Grave Mistake), the "Hole Sailor" EP on No Way / Black Lung Records, "Trashed" EP on Cowabunga Records, and "Six More Reasons to Hate The Ladies" EP on Grave Mistake Records.  

The Ladies were an integral part of the mid-to-late 2000's hardcore punk scene here in Richmond along with bands like GOVERNMENT WARNING, DIRECT CONTROL, WASTED TIME, CLOAK/DAGGER, SOCIALCIDE, etc; their brand of no frills high octane garage punk complimented their hardcore contemporaries to a T, while bringing a healthy and much needed dose of trashy, tasteless humor into the mix.  Perhaps you had to experience them first hand to truly appreciate their greatness, but hopefully this collection will serve as a fitting reminder as to why they will go down as one of the most memorable regional bands of that era.

This tape features every song The Ladies recorded during their career (repeating on both sides), remastered specifically for this release by Lance Kohler at Minimum Wage Studios in Richmond, VA. Full color layout in shrinkwrap with some great new cover art and some nice retrospective liner notes by HCPM freak Mark Shubert (Wasted Time/Mercy Killings/Beach Impediment Records). Limited to 150 copies.