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ANGEL DU$T "Upside Down b/w Teenage Haze" 7"
Grave Mistake Records

ANGEL DU$T "Upside Down b/w Teenage Haze" 7"


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On the second single for their upcoming LP, Rock the Fuck on Forever, Angel Du$t deliver a 120-second blast of pure melody in the blissed out pop gem that is "Upside Down." While Angel Du$t have made a name for themselves with their own off-kilter brand of spastic, high octane adrenaline blasts, they've also shown us that they have quite the knack for a big melody and catchy hook. Guaranteed to get your toe tapping and head bobbing, "Upside Down" is a testament to Angel Du$t's penchant for melody and pop sensibility, and is poised to be the perfect soundtrack for your start to Spring.

On the flip, "Teenage Haze" (exclusive to this release only) is a steady fist pumper, picking up the pace just enough to get your heart rate up, in true Angel Du$t fashion.

Along with the first single, "Stay" (which premiered earlier this month, coinciding with a 7" on Photobooth Records), "Upside Down" is yet another captivating preview of what you can expect from their forthcoming LP 

One time pressing of 750 copies.


220 Clear Vinyl / 530 Black Vinyl

No download included

Rock the Fuck on Forever is out on May 20, 2016 on Pop Wig

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