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Portland peace punk/deathrock hybrid Arctic Flowers have amassed an impressive roster of underground and punk musicians to compile their Remix LP, out now on Deranged Records. The 12ǃˆ_—_ vinyl contains the bandǃˆ_—_•s first 3-song EP followed by four remixes. The digital download of the album supplies an extra five remix tracks that could not fit onto the vinyl (a vinyl purchase comes with a code to download the extra five songs). So, letǃˆ_—_•s see what we have here: The first three songs are from 2010 and the early material showcases a pretty good sampling of Arctic Flowersǃˆ_—_• range: the first song, ǃˆ_—__Technicolor Haze,ǃˆ_—__ has always been one of the more dance floor friendly numbers as it is, and itǃˆ_—_•s not surprising the bulk of the remixes on this release are in fact remixes of this song. ǃˆ_—__Slouching Towards Bethlehem,ǃˆ_—__ the second track, is another bass guitar-driven gothy punk number. ǃˆ_—__Neon Tombsǃˆ_—__ is an all-out thrasher and serves as evidence of membersǃˆ_—_• history in uptempo hardcore punk. Singer Alexǃˆ_—_•s vocals have always reminded me of Pauline Murrayǃˆ_—_•s (of Penetration); in fact, Penetration, along with Rubella Ballet and the Poison Girls, are not a bad point of reference for describing Arctic Flowersǃˆ_—_• sound ǃˆ_—_® mostly mid-tempo, but still hard-edged melodic-but-not-necessarily-pretty, dark punk tunes with a lot of crossover appeal into the goth and postpunk crowds. ǃˆ_—__Our sound is a mix of punk, deathrock, post punk, and goth,ǃˆ_—__ guitarist Stan Wright once told me in a previous interview for CVLT Nation. ǃˆ_—__Aggressive but at times danceable and melodic.ǃˆ_—__ The Remix LP furthers expands Arctic Flowersǃˆ_—_• crossover appeal into postpunk, goth, and even industrial dance club territory. The assemblage of remixes here from folks in Soft Kill, Toxic Holocaust, Rubella Ballet, Cadaver em Transe, and others range from ultra-dancey (the Sid Truelove of Rubella Ballet remix of ǃˆ_—__Technicolor Hazeǃˆ_—__), to uber-gothy (the Soft Kill remix), to 80s dance (the Alex Cuervo of Espectrostatic/Hex Dispensers mix) ǃˆ_—_® even to dub (the Cadaver em Transe remix by Pato). A few of the takes on ǃˆ_—__Technicolor Hazeǃˆ_—__ ǃˆ_—_® especially the Sid Truelove/ǃˆ_—__Daygloǃˆ_—__ and Alex Cuervo remixes ǃˆ_—_® seem ready made for the club floor. The Gold Zippersǃˆ_—_• ǃˆ_—__Purple Cloudsǃˆ_—__ remix is a deeply atmospheric gothic meditation. The Soft Kill remix at the end is a really doomy, almost Killing Joke-ish dirge that not unsurprisingly sounds a bit like an Arctic Flowers/Blessure Grave collaboration! A fun and interesting experiment the Flowers have here, an LP featuring punk, industrial, and gothic versions of their songs. From Oliver Sheppard via