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Metadona Records present the first EP of a new Mallorkin band, ASPIRINA INFANTIL "A.I" plays a rocking hardcore punk that is totally Old School, but with current sound, perfectly executed with excellent lyrics, killer guitars and a demolishing base rhythm. A.I. Include ex-members of bands such as VERVAL DIARREA, DR.DOOM, PHOGO, DISEASEÉ The singer, Rafa Murillo is a Mallorkin punk rock legend and the drummer "Gato" was an original member of the legendary Argentinean band FUN PEOPLE. Very few H.C. bands have such good and personal lyrics as the ones Rafa Murillo write. Without doubt one of the best hardcore punk EP«s that have appeared this year worldwide. 6 songs like 6 shots in the neck. Get this EP now and youÕll see that everything said about this band is true, and youÕll want more and more. Aspirina Infantil, the only aspirin able to revive the dead!!!!

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