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BAD EXAMPLE "Tethered in Deviancy" Tape
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BAD EXAMPLE "Tethered in Deviancy" Tape

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You gotta dig, punk is nasty. It's mean and dumb and hits ya hard in the gut. But that's just a few aspects of punk. For many, it's a way to feel a part of something. It's smart and witty and a way to finally move those parts of us that have always been restricted. That's all Bad Example. I see this band and I more than that, something familial almost, a united front against a reality that can only tear us apart. Bad Example is angry and frustrated in an attempt to tear that anger and frustration up and build up a new reality. Get in the pit with the baddest of examples, True Believers. Five track tape on rhodamine red, with insert AND lyric sheet (what a concept!) designed by BE's own Sammantha Garcia.