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Bad Vibrations Records


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"The best no-nonsense hardcore punk band you've never heard unless you're from Toronto? Posthumous release of the 4 song EP we corralled them into recording in Luke's basement before they broke up. Jay now sings in TOHC gods HASSLER. "They were the closest thing this city has seen to real, honest, raw punk in decades...As it stands, I still have no idea what a single one of their songs is called, and I probably couldn't string two words of their lyrics together if you paid me, but that's the way it should be. They were faster, harder, and more dangerous than most before or since. Their collective members frequently flew too close to the flame. Out-of-tune guitars. Broken, blood-covered cymbals. 2-song sets. Flying shoes. Ranch dressing. BAD SKIN." - Gabby (Bad Skin Guru/Reprobates)"

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