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Fat Wreck Chords



Described as the perfect ambassadors of Midwest punk, BANNER PILOT reinforced that role with the success of their Fat Wreck Chords debut Collapser (elected to the "2009 Best of" list). A perfect amalgam of their immediate influences (Dillinger Four, The Lawrence Arms, Alkaline Trio, Jawbreaker), BANNER PILOT continue to represent the genre through the impeccably crafted, gritty pop-punk songs on their latest release Heart Beats Pacific. These poetic punks turn a phrase like nobody's business, spinning relatable situations and emotions into clever prose delivered through gruff vocals. Each of the 11 tracks on Heart Beats Pacific is a stand-alone, bona fide hit and collectively they make up a rare flawless listening experience. The band characterizes Heart Beats Pacific as "Collapser on steroids" and when asked to further expound upon that notion had this to say: "Whenever a band starts a new album, they have a choice to take a step backwards.... Or take a step forwards. We chose to take a step backwards. That gave us more room to jump two steps forward. What does that mean? Better songs, but still in the same vein as before. A few new things that make the album less straight-forward, but not in a weird way. Thicker guitars, and an overall better sound. We even cracked out a grand piano for a four-count-em-four note piano part. New things, but we don't abandon or ignore our old sound." Essentially Heart Beats Pacific is an escalation of BANNER PILOT's ever expanding acclaim and will be received as such by fans and critics alike.