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Out of the ashes of the band Blitzkrieg from Hannover, northern Germany, the Boskops were formed sometime between 1982 and 1983. The Boskops were one of the most important bands in their region, alongside other bands like Blut + Eisen, the Cretins or Daily Terror. The original line-up consisted of two guitarists (one male, one female), a bassplayer, a vocalist and a drummer. The band's name was perhaps taken from an apple species that is sold all over Germany. The fruit is sometimes really bitter but I don't know exactly if this was the inspiration for the band's name. Due to the Boskops' two guitar players and a vocalist with a roaring strong voice, their first LP, Sol 12, stands as a good stylistic example of what later become known as "Thrashpunk" - less instrumental proficiency but raw highspeed energy and sonic brutality. This is an officical re-press which comes with a 24-pages booklet and a huge poster. Classic!

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