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COOL HISS ZINE Collection Issues #1-4
Cool Hiss

COOL HISS ZINE Collection Issues #1-4

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ZINE CONTAINS COOL HISS 1 THROUGH 4! 52 pages total! COOL HISS #1: my favorite sets i saw in 2015, interview with PLASTIC of Chicago, interview with the label TOTAL PUNK of Orlando, an experiment where i played a flexi 200 times to see what happens (the results are wow!!) ,some reviews,pictures, ads, etc; COOL HISS #2: Memory Loss (Richmond), Dark Thoughts (Philadelphia), Yohimbe (Richmond), plus reviews etc; COOL HISS #3: Nosebleed (of Richmond) Interview, Suppression (of Richmond) Interview, "Good Show" Steve (local legend of Richmond) Interview, some photos by me; COOL HISS #4: I talk with Bad Eric (of Greensboro) and Fried Egg (of Richmond) both fresh back from tour about their on the road experiences.