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CRAMPS "Songs the Lord Might Have Taught Us" LP
Fanclub Pressing

CRAMPS "Songs the Lord Might Have Taught Us" LP


Great sounding reissue of the almost legendary white label album - cool stuff and a must have for every Cramps fan - well actually for everybody who doesn't own their old stuff on vinyl... The difference between this here LP and the actual released "Songs The Cramps taught Us" LP: The tracks: Drug Train/ Garbage Man/ Rock On The Moon/ Teenage Werewolf/ Sunglasses After Dark/ Strychnine/ Mad Daddy/ Mystery Plane/ Zombie Dance/ I'm Cramped/ What's Behind The Mask/ Tear It Up/ Fever. The white label pressing of "Songs The Lord taught Us" had "Drug Train" in place of "TV Set" and most of the other tracks were totally different mixes from the actual release. "Drug Train" was left off the album because Alex Chilton thought it didn't fit in. The eventual single mix was different. An intial batch of the U.S. release was shipped in a sleeve with the white label track listing although the actual record inside was the U.K. release. The logo and title on that sleeve was printed in white and the rear of the sleeve had a purple tint as opposed to the pinkish U.K. (Alien Records)