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It's been almost four years since the last Crazy Spirit record, with only a demo released in mid-2014 to sate our appetites. Punk landscapes change and does the world need another Crazy Spirit 7" after so long? Short answer: absolutely! The band has a very particular and signature sound and I know it can be difficult for artists to continue to keep fickle fans interested within that constraint. Crazy Spirit challenges fans by producing a record that is both a development (and refusal to stay in a holding pattern) and still sounds very much CRAZY SPIRIT. This new record is more complex and less immediate than their other 7"s, but I find it more rewarding with multiple listens. In short, it's more (sorry) Stealth Boy than Fat Man. Don't get me wrong, it's still catchier than most pretender bands out there, but it's just different enough to keep you on your toes. And, in the end, it's still Crazy Spirit and it's still a Toxic State release, which, may I add, this is the best looking Crazy Spirit 7" thus far, as well as one of the most impressive looking Toxic State releases. All in all it's fitting, then, that my cats are tearing around the house spitting and hissing at each other as I blast this record on repeat. Animal abuse? Probably. Essential record? Absolutely.

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