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CRAZY SQUEEZE, THE "Savior of the Streets" LP
Disconnected Records

CRAZY SQUEEZE, THE "Savior of the Streets" LP


LA’s supergroup is back for round two and they are deeply entrenched in the pub. Crazy Squeeze features members of The Stitches, Teenage Frames, Gaggers and The Superbees, but they aren’t interested in living off pure pedigree alone. Savior Of The Streets features everything from Eddie and The Hot Rods, Boys, Slade, Chuck Berry, Flamin’ Groovies, Bovver comps and more influences than I have space to write about. Crazy Squeeze works like a boxer’s one-two punch where Witmer and Delmane trade off vocals and songs like a smoothly executed left-right punch combo that you didn’t see coming. – Ed Stuart / Audio Ammunition