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CROWN COURT "Mad in England" 7"
Goner Records

CROWN COURT "Mad in England" 7"


To be blunt, Crown Court’s debut LP, Capital Offence, is a modern classic of Oi and skinhead music. It’s been two years since its release and while that record retains its power and urgency, we’ve all been craving more from this London band. After a single track contribution to the newest Oi! Ain’t Dead comp on Rebellion that barely sated us rabid fans, the band has finally released on new material in the form of this incredible single on none other than Goner Records. At first, that might seem like a slightly odd pairing, but, as we’ve seen from Crown Court’s development over the years, they seem to be as equally influenced by “hard” Oi and Chiswick punk as they are by Bovver Rock and Glam and this fit new single fits in line beautifully for both parties. Both sides showcase how the band, now a five piece, can write both some of the best rock n roll and some of the best punk songs in contemporary times. Yet another essential slab from these “lads,” as is the colloquial of their home Londontown. Crown Court forever!