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CRUDE SS "Create Your Own Life" CD
Criminal Attack Records

CRUDE SS "Create Your Own Life" CD


CRUDE SS is one of the biggest Hardcore / Crust references in the world next to bands like DISCHARGE, ANTI-CIMEX and MOB47. Formed in the year 1980 in Norberg Sweden, always making aggressive and uncompromising music, CRUDE SS began recording the first sounds in 1982, where his first demo tape "1000 Dead Cops" was born. In "Create Your Own Life ..." contains all the sounds already recorded by the band in the 80s. In addition to its already mentioned demo tape, has the classic EP "Who'll Survive" 7 " recorded in 1985 - sounds that left the popular band in Brazil for being present in the compilation "Afflicted Cries In The Darkness Of War"in 1986, in addition to the 2 sounds from the classic collection "The Vikings Are Coming" LP and to finalize 2 more unreleased sounds, one of them being live in 1985. In "Create Your Own Life ..." all the sounds were Completely remastered, the booklet has a 12-page booklet format containing lyrics, photos and sound posters that happened at the time. Excellent graphic material at band height.