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D.O.A. "Hardcore 81" LP (Green Vinyl)
Pasazer Records

D.O.A. "Hardcore 81" LP (Green Vinyl)


40th Anniversary European Pressing. DOA are the godfathers and pioneers of Canada's hardcore scene. "Hardcore 81" is their second album from 1981. Probably the first album where the term "hardcore" appeared. There are DOA's flagship tracks (Fucked Up Baby, Smash The State, Slumlord etc), and the band performs in their most classic line-up: JOEY SHITHEAD, CHUCK BISCUITS, RANDY RAMPAGE and DAVE GREGG. This album is the pearl and the cornerstone of the hardcore punk scene - without it, there wouldn't be a ton of modern bands. The 40th Anniversary Special features three additional tracks from the singles "Disco Sucks" (1978), "The Prisoner" (1978) and "Fucked Up Ronnie" (1981), and a large booklet with an album release story by singer Joey Shithead , and a lot of photos and flyers from this period.