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"Columbus indie-garage outfit's second EP. I'll confess that the only thing I remember about their earlier 7" on Tic Tac Totally was that it was so boring I gave up even trying to write a review of it. There was just nothing to say. It wasn't even bad, it was just there. Thankfully they've turned it around on this one. "Turning Into A Man" is confident and well written hard-edged indie-rock with a good build and hook. "Everybody Else" has a tough power-pop vibe that I dig, maybe even a little rocknrolla Dolls-strut to it as well. A real good side with a great boxy sounding recording that gives it all a nice hiss. B-Side ("Zonin' Out") throws some nice punk edge on and they end with a toss off, but those first three tunes are all pretty damn good Columbus stuff, and a great comeback from their last record." - Terminal Boredom

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