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Recorded in the early 80's, and now being pressed for the first time ever, total KBD jams that will stick with you forever. Amazing material that has been languishing for far too long. Liner notes include a detailed history of the band as well as fliers. "King City is the tiny California town that spawned this band- much to its chagrin I'm sure. These songs get a lot out of a little, each revolving around a single riff, and shouted vocals that are often out of rhythm with the music, along with some sort of lead, be it a hooky wandering bassline, keyboards, or police siren guitar solo akin to the end of Social Distortion's "Mass Hysteria". This recording reminds me a lot of that of the Urban Waste 7_, and the overall vibe absolutely reeks of being a punk in small town America in the early 80_s, confined by conformity and narrow minds, and wanting nothing more than to get out. Also included is a brief history of the band, and an amusing anecdote about them playing "No Hicks" on their high school's lawn." (MRR)

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