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DESKARRIADOS "Maketa Grabada en Mad BoxǃˆÉ_" 7"
CV Records

DESKARRIADOS "Maketa Grabada en Mad BoxǃˆÉ_" 7"

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Venezuela 1990 sucked. Just 1 year after the riots/looting that left thousands killed by the army. Deskarriados recorded this songs for a demo that never came out in a proper release. This riots, also known as ǃˆ_—__El Caracazoǃˆ_—__ was an answer to a shitty economic moment. The city was sad and depressing. In the mine while, anger, frustration and the ǃˆ_—__no futureǃˆ_—__ mood of the country dragged young people into punk. All this emotions can be found in this piece of vinyl. Musically and geographically, Deskarriados is right between the Mexican punk rock sound of the ǃˆ_—__Rock Nacional Vol.2: Solo para punksǃˆ_—__ compilation and Olho Seco first 7ǃˆ_—__ hardcore masterpiece. 77 catchiness and rough and simple 1-2 drumming keeps everything interesting. Venezuelan first punk hasnǃˆ_—_•t been documented properly. We hope this 7ǃˆ_—__ helps somehow.