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DYKE DRAMA "Tender Resignation" LP
Salinas Records

DYKE DRAMA "Tender Resignation" LP


DYKE DRAMA is the solo project of G.L.O.S.S. vocalist Sadie Switchblade. "While G.L.O.S.S.’ Demo EP was a steamrolling eight minutes of louder-faster gutter blasts (Sample bellow-along: “THE FREAKS ARE COMING!!!”), Resignation is far more sentimental. Performed almost entirely by Switchblade, aside from a couple well-wishers stopping by to contribute organ and backing vocals, the EP is six tracks and a whopping 17 minutes of bleary-eyed heartbreak boogie. Though Switchblade hails from Olympia, Washington, riot grrrl capital of America, she more clearly follows the beautiful-loser Minneapolis lead of the Replacements here — “Westerberg” is even tagged on the EP’s Bandcamp page, and Paul’s probably wondering if a lyric like “I wasn’t born to lose / It’s just the thing I do best” might be borrowed from some ‘Mats deep cut he wrote too long ago to remember. It’s punk in its rawness, but not in any kind of musical elitism: The intro lead to “Hardest Years” sounds like John Cougar Mellencamp, ferchrissake. Switchblade is a worthy successor to Westerberg not just in her ability to turn a self-deprecating phrase while cranking out a stadium-echoing riff, but in her ability to make outcast vulnerability urgent and emboldening."