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ENEMY SOIL "Live Nail in the Coffin" LP
Blast for Humanity Records

ENEMY SOIL "Live Nail in the Coffin" LP

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"Live set from a big fest at CBGB, NYC in 2001. The fest itself looks fucking cool to me, a couple of bands that I enjoyed in my youth and somehow haven't thought about in a long time (Benumb, Nihilistics, Pig Destroyer), and a couple of bands that I still think about all the time (Anal Cunt, Nine Shocks Terror). Enemy Soil's set here is a one-off reunion of the time, but they clearly haven't lost much power at 2001. The performance sounds tight and powerful, the recording is a tad raw/distorted for my taste but then isn't that what live recordings are all about?, the set list is juuuust right, and somehow Richard's stage banter just cracks me up, I love this dude so much. If you are a DC/Baltimore area punk in the 90's/00's, you are probably a huge fan of this band, being one of the few notably great bands from our area in the 90's, and I recommend this to you.