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FARMACO "Descolonizar" 7"
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FARMACO "Descolonizar" 7"


Leaving aside ridiculous reviews that claim that Latin punk bands are not the most virtuous or technical (wtf?) FARMACO are here to prove otherwise. Fármaco's second EP "Descolonizar" presents an eclectic mix between eighties Japanese style and South American raw punk from bands like Soberanía Personal. With a clearly more developed result than their previous Demo, I can say that an urgent vibe is still present: while the riffs are reminiscent of bands like Death Side and L.S.D. and they leave an amazing aftertaste to the first POST REGIMENT, the voice is primitive but desperate; trying to make his way between the tempos embodied by a drums that oscillate between D-Beat and pogo punk. Farmaco follows the feeling of a rudimentary sentiment that seems to have peaked in this latest release. Release of 320 copies. Cover artwork by Wilson J. Melo and rest of the artwork by the vocalist Cromym includes insert and postcard.