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FINGERS, THE "Isolation" 7"
Last Laugh Records

FINGERS, THE "Isolation" 7"


Official reissue of 1977 Pittsburgh punk mega rarity. Three greats songs, one low price! "After 35 years, the oft-discussed but rarely seen Fingers 45 finally gets the reissue treatment. As the story goes, the Fingers were a band formed in Pittsburgh sometime in the mid-late Seventies all in an effort to cash in on the recent explosion of the Ramones and Dead Boys. The band’s manager at the time decided to press up a whopping 25 copies of the record to send out to “famous clubs in New York so they could make it big.” Some things in Pittsburgh never change. Fast forward three decades and two or three Killed By Death frenzies later, and someone decides to step up and bring this platter to the masses. What follows is exactly what one would expect: simplistic four chord verses, three chord choruses and nasally, reverbed Joey Ramone-esque vocals." - Still Single