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FRAMTID "Consuming Shit and Mind Pollution" CD
Criminal Attack Records

FRAMTID "Consuming Shit and Mind Pollution" CD


OSAKA CRUST HARDCORE PUNK D-BEAT ATTACK! Collection containing the initials of 4 gave Japanese manic FRAMTID in a total of 27 tracks! If you are looking for crust bands in Japan, surely FRAMTID will be present in any self-respecting list. They have already released splits with bands like DISCLOSE, SEEIN 'RED and PISSCHRÏST . FRAMTID was formed in Osaka, Japan , in 1996 under the influence of classic Swedish bands and Japanese hardcore crust. The band carries its legendary slogan: "By Any Reason War Is Unnecessary" . In this material you will find the 1997 "Reh Demo # 1" demo "Counter Attack", 1998, "CDC" , 1999, and "Consuming Shit & Mind Pollution" , 2001. 16-page booklet full of photos, pamphlets, and demo information.