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FREEZE, THE "Land of the Lost (RSD 2020)" LP
Radiation Records

FREEZE, THE "Land of the Lost (RSD 2020)" LP


Formed in Cape Cod, Massachusetts in 1978 by longstanding friends Clif Hanger (AKA Clif Croce) on vocals and Rob DeCradle (AKA Rob Rosenthal) on rhythm guitar, east coast punk band The Freeze had a fluctuating line-up in its early days, perhaps reflecting the band’s experimental tendencies which saw it veer from straight-up thrash-based hardcore to more melodic, contemplative work. Debut single “I Hate Tourists” saw Hanger and DeCradle joined by bassist Rick Andrews, with Kevin Vicha on “drums noise,” Papa Verjen (AKA Steve Wood) on “lead guitar noise” and Scott Woodless on “synthesizer noise.” Subsequent EP “Guilty Face,” issued by Boston’s Modern Method Records in 1983, saw Hanger, DeCradle and Andrews working with guitarist Bill “Lunchmeat” Close and drummer Lou Cataldo, and by the time that the group was preparing the debut album, Land Of The Lost, released by Modern Method the same year, the line-up had solidified with Andrews replaced by Ron Cormier, who co-wrote “No Exposure” and “Pig Hunt.” Most of the LP’s tracks are standard hardcore, but songs like “Food Lava” and “Nazi Fun” display more schizoid leanings, beginning as slow jazz jams before shifting to double-hardcore timing; “Duh Family” and “American Town” parody idealised visions of small-town America. One of the most criminally underrated American 80's punk classics back on vinyl.