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GEZA X "You Goddamn Kids" LP
Bacchus Records

GEZA X "You Goddamn Kids" LP


The Bacchus Archives reissue of "You Goddam Kids" has been out of print for almost two years - the album has been repressed in an edition of 500 on yellow vinyl and includes a digital download coupon! Geza X has been an important fixture on the California punk/new wave scene for many years as a producer/writer/engineer for countless artists, from Josie Cotton to the Dead Kennedys. As an artist, however, he doesn't resemble most of those he's worked with at all: You Goddamn Kids! is delightful, off-the-wall, adventurous, complex and humorous. The studio pro uses sound effects and treated vocals to enhance his music, much of which might well appeal to fans of, say, the Residents. - Charles Lamey - Trouser Press. This classic post Masque-era album is the unique work of former Deadbeats, Mommymen member and producer GEZA X with quite the cast of original Los Angeles punk scene luminaries as contributing musicians including Brendan Mullen, Paul Roessler, D.J. Bonebrake, Josie Cotton, Don Bolles and others! Utilizing the unique “Gezatone” guitar with a screechy vocal style and warped sense of humor, this album delivers early ‘80s classics such as “We Need More Power” and “Isotope Soap” as heard on the “Let Them Eat Jellybeans” and “Rodney On The Roq” compilations.