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G.I.S.M. "Military Affairs Neurotic" LP
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G.I.S.M. "Military Affairs Neurotic" LP

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Second 1987 LP from this legendary band. "Following their debut album Detestation mixing speedy glam metal solos with noisy D-beat, G.I.S.M. inverts the formulae on M.A.N. and the end product sounds like Iron Maiden collaborating with Bathory. To the common listener, Sakevi's freakish, industrial-influenced soundscapes and ghoulish death metal vocals seem like a jarring spit in the face to Uchida's full-blown NWOBHM bravado, soaring melodies and all. It's hard to shake the feeling that Sakevi and Uchida had a powerful meeting of the minds over the direction of this album. It wouldn't be G.I.S.M. if it weren't musically schizophrenic, though. Personally I feel like it works out in the end. The whole experience is utterly captivating. From the hard-hitting, triumphant drum intro on "Good As It Is," the whining harmonics on all of Uchida's LENGTHY solos, the bubbly bass on "Meaning Corrupted 2 Degeneration," to the creepy, malfunctioning blips and drones on the industrial title all just works out."