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GIUDA "Let's Do It Again" LP
TKO Records

GIUDA "Let's Do It Again" LP


Hot on the heels of last year's TKO reissue of their debut "Racey Roller" LP, international underground rock sensations GIUDA ARE BACK with their new album, "Let's Do It Again!" "Let's Do It Again" is an exciting progression for GIUDA featuring more complicated arrangements, more ambitious songwriting and an even bigger sound, while still retaining all the pure fun and infectious Glam hooks of their debut album. The handclaps may have given way to more foot-stomps, but "Let's Do It Again" is still a raucous, wild party of an album, in true GIUDA fashion. Check out "Let's Do It Again" to find out why GIUDA are swiftly gaining the reputation as Europe's most exciting Rock n' Roll band!!