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Arguably one of the most important collection of recordings on Bridge Nine EVER. American Nightmare's first two EP's, the seminal "Self Titled" 7" and sophomore "The Sun Isn't Getting Any Brighter" 7" (originally released in 2000 and 2001, respectively), helped raise awareness for both the band and the Bridge Nine label worldwide. The release of the first AN 7" represented a very different time at the label - when the band went into the studio to record, Bridge Nine was still being run out of an apartment in Boston's Mission Hill. Tim (guitar) and Wes (vocals) were roommates and friends, putting out their first EP was a natural fit. It's crazy to think that 10 years have past, and of all of the stuff that has happened since. Everyone moves on, everything changes. But fortunately, the impact that these songs left a decade ago is still being felt across the hardcore/punk music scene worldwide. Their influence has been undeniable, and this 10th anniversary re-issue is an opportunity to make the songs available again on vinyl for a new generation of fans. When the EP's were originally released, Bridge Nine had a slim budget to work with. In 2011 our resources are still limited but we were able to give this release each of the quality details that it deserves. Each LP is pressed on heavy weight 180 gram vinyl. The recording's laquers were mastered by John Golden, and the vinyl is a mix of mostly black with a little bit of red, white or blue, an effect that we wanted to do in 2001 but couldn't afford at the time. Each LP includes a large, 17"x22" double sided poster insert, with a big collage of all things AN from the early years. To top it all off, the iconic angel illustrated by Linas Garsys that has graced the cover of multiple Give Up The Ghost releases is now embossed, to give it a nice 3D appearance.

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