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GOLPE "La Colpa é Solo Tua" LP
Sorry State Records

GOLPE "La Colpa é Solo Tua" LP


WTF do we have here? Let me tell y’all straight up – it’s the new Golpe album La Colpa È Solo Tua is beyond boombastic and totally fucking bonkers from the beginning to the end! Every track is an anthem that will have you pressing replay time again. This band writes Hardcore Punk songs full of uncompromising electricity that jumps out of the speakers into your skull. Oh yeah, I can’t forget to tell y’all about the on-point breakdowns you’ll experience when listening to this album. If you want a jolt of hi-octane Hardcore Punk then you better not miss out on this sonic gem from GOLPE! We’ve got to give some props to Sorry State records releasing this beast.