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GRAY MATTER "Food for Thought" LP
Dischord Records

GRAY MATTER "Food for Thought" LP


Gray Matter officially formed in the summer of 1983, but Geoff Turner, Mark Haggerty and Dante Ferrando had been playing in bands since their early junior high school days. In 1983, Dante and Mark were playing in Iron Cross, but Dante was becoming increasingly uncomfortable with some of the band's more violent supporters and he left the band. Soon after, Mark also left and the two reunited with Geoff and Iron Cross roadie Steve Niles and started playing shows around D.C., first as G-men and later, Gray Matter. The band's first album "Food For Thought" was originally released on R&B records in 1985 while the members were still in High School. Dante went on to play drums for Ignition and Geoff, Steve, and Mark reunited and formed the band Three, with Jeff Nelson from Minor Threat.