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Out of the rain soaked gutters of the gloomy Northwest comes Seattle's own Growing Stronger. Their new EP "Toxic Fumes" is a furious onslaught of angry straight edge hardcore, much in the vein of 97a and No For an answer. Six break neck speed anthems destined to make you grind your teeth while you sit in traffic and wait for the Space Needle to fall on the car in front of you. Recorded at the infamous Dangler by Phil Jones. Layout by FACE and Bubbles. All copies will come with a free digital download, and the pressing info is 200 on GOLD, 300 on RED, and 500 on BLACK. This one is a real rager and Jim from REACT! is heading up the vocal duties so you need to check it out! This is such a special release for the label that we put together a documentary on how this record came together.

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