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HEADCLEANERS "Collection" LP (Blue Vinyl)
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HEADCLEANERS "Collection" LP (Blue Vinyl)


Collection from Sweden's HEADCLEANERS. Features tracks from Disinfection EP (1981), The Infection Grows EP (1983), V/A Really Fast Vol. 1 comp (1983), split with Picnic Boys (1984), Beating the Meat comp (1984), and split LP with Kurt I Kuvos (1984). The band existed between 1981 and 1984 and was formed by the brothers Mats and Torulf Nilsson. After the demise of Sundsvall's most famous (and orthodox) punk band Massmedia in 1980, the two brothers moved to Linköping to study, and they were eager to play again. It was originally planned as a solo project by Mats, but it resulted in Huvudtvätt (HT). With new influences from the US hardcore scene and England’s Discharge, they took a step towards a tougher punk style.