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After countless delays not worth repeating here (it'd take awhile) this monster LP finally sees the light of day! After 2009's killer 2 song single on Feral Kid comes the band's finest work to date. Still retaining some of that Southern California beach punk influence as shown on the single and demo, the band has also taken more additional cues from the surf rock genre, KBD punk, the Nuggets sound and rock and roll in general. Its hard to describe it really and this record really does stand on it's own. The look of this cover is something out of the 60's, right down to the liner notes on the back cover. This band is part of the very amazing Rotcore scene, for the uninitiated that's Rochester NY. Look it up as its the most underrated scene in the USA by far. Nice writeup on the back by Brandon of Brown Sugar/Terminal Boredom. The TERMBO crew loves them, maybe you will too.

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