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IRON CAGES "Indulgance" 7"
Society Bleeds Records

IRON CAGES "Indulgance" 7"

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Iron Cages ǃˆ_—__Indulgenceǃˆ_—__ EP is the latest from this DC hardcore punk quartet. After a string of tapes, this is their first vinyl release and their best to date. Featuring members of Firewalker, CDR and a number of broken up DC bands, they rip through 5 songs on "Indulgence." Pummeling drums drive this record from the start, while the riffs are straight forward hardcore punk with enough flourishes to keep things interesting. Oh, and the vocals are scorching too. They are most comfortable playing as fast as possible, but slow things down into mosh inducing crawls. You are just as likely to catch them covering the Ramones as Government Issue. This is a split release with Hog Wild Records.